How To Stay Healthy Without Working Out

How To Stay Healthy Without Working Out

Health Is More Than Exercise and Diet

Here's a dilemma. How are you supposed to stay healthy without working out? Well the cliche answer would be to focus on your diet. However, this blog post is not to lecture about the importance of eating a balance diet. This posts is to expand your mind to realize that health is about a lot more than diet and exercise.

The truth is that you need to exercise to be healthy and fit. However, being healthy is about much more than lifting weights and the kitchen.

Passions and Fun

In order to be healthy, you need to do tasks that make you happy. If you enjoy reading books, the outdoors, and watching movies, then get outside the gym and go do it.

Your happiness is vital to your health. If you are going to the gym 6 days a week, spending hours in their, and eating as clean as Jeremy Lin's hairstyle, then you may run into some health problems.

From the outside looking in, someone that is at the gym all the time and eats the "healthiest" foods seems to be in great shape physically.

But how are they mentally?

What if that person loves to watch movies, eat cake, and hangout with family and friends but never does so that they can maintain that "godly physique?"

Well here's a paradigm shift. That person needs to skip the gym, forget the brocolli, and live a little.

I know this sounds like a double edged sword, but trust me. When you start adding in more of the activities and hobbies that make you happy, you will not second guess whether you should be at the gym or in bed watching Netflix eating popcorn and sour punch straws.

Be lazy, indulge in passions, and have fun!


In our modern society, everyone is just grinding it out trying to hit that next endeavor. That's all fine and dandy. I am all for hitting your goals in life, but I believe sometimes we need to take a step back and embrace life.

I challenge you to go do the things you enjoy doing. Lie in bed all day and watch Netflix, play that video game you love, go on an adventure outside, indulge in pizza, etc.

Do not spend more than 30 minutes to 1 hour at the gym. Broaden your skillset and have fun relaxing.

Stress less, relax more. Do not feel bad about it either.

Health Benefits

Think about all the health benefits you will reap when you do this. You will feel much happier and enjoy life a lot more. Take that cortisol (hormone that causes stress)!

Use exercise and diet to enhance your life not take it over.

Increased neurotransmitters, especially dopamine and serotonin (feel good and calm chemicals), lower blood pressure, reduced anxiety and depression, and increased well-being are all benefits you can expect from adopting this point of view on health.

Now go workout that fun (my favorite muscle to work)!

How To Stay Healthy Without Working Out

If all you do is workout and eat clean, yeah maybe you have a great physique. However, you are missing out on all the things you love (maybe you forgot you love). Having a little extra body fat is so worth eating the foods you love, having time to enjoy hobbies you love, and spending time with the ones that matter in your life.

So how do you stay healthy without working out?

Focus on your passions, have fun, and enjoy life!