Diversify Workouts For More Prowess and Less Boredom

Diversify Workouts For More Prowess and Less Boredom

Bored of Exercising

Tired of doing the same workouts?

If you are like me, you get tired of doing the same movements each time you exercise. Consequently, we tend to skip more workouts.

I cut down on lifting heavy weights because I got tired of lifting weights so often. I added in boot camp style workouts (a mix of resistance training with lighter weight and cardio) and yoga to my workout regimen.

Sometimes you need to mix it up in order to motivate yourself to exercise. This has several benefits.

You are priming your body to be overall healthier, fitter, and more well-rounded.

Mixing your exercise routine up will equip your body with more skills. As a result, your body will be more prowess.

You may lose some strength on your bench press and squat. But who cares? It is better to diversify.

Diversify Your Investment

Treat your body like an investment. When you make investments, you are supposed to diversify. This means that you do not put all your marbles in one bag.

The same should be said for your body. It is best to do multiple forms of exercise so that your body can function the way it is meant to.

Therefore, go for a walk, go for a run, do yoga, lift weights, join a group exercise class, dance, swim, play a sport, etc.

Here's an example of my workout regimen: 1-2 times of lifting weights, 1-2 times of boot camp/circuit training, 1-2 times of yoga/walking/mobility work.

However, the most important thing is that you find something you enjoy doing and do that for exercise. For example, if you hate lifting weights but love yoga then you should be doing yoga.

Moving is the prominant part.

Just Move

With that being said, if there is a form of exercise that you are already doing and absolutely love that then keep doing it! Do not fix what is not broken.

Any form of exercise has substantial benefits for your body. Movement is the most powerful investment you can make for your body.

Eating healthy is important, but studies show that exercise is more important for your overall health.

If you are bored or want to make your health and fitness levels more well rounded, then mix up your exercise regimen.

Above all, just move!


  • Warm up (light cardio & dynamic stretching)

    1. arm circles, torso twist, jog in place, skaters, rear kicks, touch touches, inch worms, low lunge & twist, mt. climbers, squats with 3 ct. concentric loading (30 sec. ea. movement)
  • 3 Rounds

    1. Goblet squats X 15 (3 ct. concentric loading)
    2. Pendlay rows X 10
    3. Stability ball db pullover X 10
    4. Glided mt. climbers X 30 (total)
    5. Clamshells X 12 (ea. side)
    6. Side crunches X 15 (ea. side)
  • 2 Rounds
  • Skaters X 20 (total)
  • Jump rope X 75
  • Burpees X 10
  • Cool down & static stretch